i d en it too

- - -


     I AM


(left forearm 4 bands)                    in year4                   (semi-permanent, cyclical)
(right forearm 3 bands)              of the 2nd15                    (permanent, increasing)

I have

(on my back)                       326 lines/shapes/swirls
(on my front)                        17 lines/shapes/swirls                         (all permanent)
(around my ring finger)                   2 rings

these make me                                                                                                                                                                                          218/326/17/E                                   (permanently)

my tattooist tells me

 the circle on my right shoulder blade is in a grand trine with the swirl in the small of my back and the dot just to the right of my left armpit

I am therefore                                                                                                                                                                                                ingenious                                          (permanent?)

nu has read                                  my genetic profile
nu has interpreted                   my genetic profile
nu has created                                   my identity

I have

faith in my tattooist                                                                                                            (?)

I can

highlight a line/shape/swirl                                    (temporary, semi-permanent)
fill in the gaps (colour only)                                     (temporary, semi-permanent)
hide a permanent band/line/shape/swirl                                              (temporary)

I cannot

erase a permanent band/line/shape/swirl                                            (permanent)

They are



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