- - -


They stand boy and girl
in the pre-dawn grey
looking out.
Below THEM scree sits unsteady
waiting to aid their descent.

Not a single stem
attempts to take root
to hold them up.
They hold each other.

On the flat lands below
there is movement.

Dust stirred up by the stale air
travels once, twice around the bowl
to settle again
on the same plain:
No rug there to sweep dust under.

They climb higher.
There is nothing
cleaner brighter fresher
up there:
but they can see better
see Her.
She is light.

See Her there
on the horizon
Her vast arcing structure
rising up
pushing through the darkness

See Her there
Mother Protector
nurturing life within

See Her there
competing with mountains
in size, in strength.
She is stability


She is round:
Fifteen kilometres wide and the whole world within.
She is light:
Three kilometres high and the fresh air inside.
She has form:
Several thousand translucent panes, giving them hope

She is man made:



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