Lights Out

- - -


The  light  dims
the irresistable
draw ofbodies
and movement
light before us
beneath us the
route is yellow
long stream of
towards us this
are also carries

with ovella
the yellow effect lifts us higher
than we are above us the pods glow gold
against the light around us dimming there are no
motes all here fluxing above the floor the pods above
grow brighter suspended static in silence we watch as the
light behind them dims soon the background light will be eclip
sed by the pods soon the pods will be the light in the background
dark we await this critical point and jostle as the yellow effect floods
in the centre we crowd in the centre growing fat as we watch the pods
glow whiter as the light around us dims and we jostle and still we come
flooding instill we push to be inside heras far inside as possiblefor no
one can stem the urge to be in the centre no one can stem the urge to meet
in her middle no one can ignore the place where the light is brightest the air
is warmestwhere the atmosphere is bubbling bubblingbecause no one can
get any closer than herewhere we waitas the light behind us darkens and
the pods above glow white and we dimas we all fade down with the light of
mamilla rising at our centrethat huge round mass of mamillapulsing and
feeding on the lightas we dim down she grows fatsucks the light from the
podsthat suck the light from usthat suck the light from around us and we
watch her grow fatandadmireherlightgetting brighterglowing whiter
light getting fatterandsuckingusinuntilcontrolled explosion of bright
white flashes before our eyes too bright we are blind with white before our
closed eyes and silence in our ears humming in our cluttered drums so we
sway to the silence sway because with the light so bright there is nothing
to graspand with our feet fluxingthere is no groundand with our
swaying we sway together and hold each other up for looking up is
dizzying and the humming swaying intoxicating and if we did not
hold onwe would tumbleand fallbecause the air itself is
intoxicating and we cannot not look up and still the light
is all we can see and the hum is all we can hear and
the bodies beside us mixing mingling are
all we can feel before black still
lights out

rushing away
the stillness the silence
rushing away from us the presence
we jolt upright our support whipped away
tighten as the peripheries pull away from the centre
no longer holding us up in the centre a lone cry sounds eerie
in the darkness a whoop in the distance rises and drops a whoop in
the darkness lifts and plunges to nothing again in the distance at the edges
the centre is being abandoned and we sense the dispersion as no one wants
to be left in the centre no one wants to be cold in the middle no one wants to
be alone and exposed and we abandon ourselves rush away scatter in the
darkness with a whoop over the edge into the darkness below

and now wecoming upwith a vib
feel a beatthrough the groundrating sound
as we stand
on our feet

and we reachfor a hand
as we stand
in the darkin a quakefeel us trem
on the earthble and shake

and it seemstheres a lightsomething blinksin the night
as the pulseshudders more
through the floorthan before

in the distance we think we seesmalllightswink
so we walk
through the dark
find our feet
in the park
feel the beaton the path
in the greenas we movetheres a groove
of a tree theres an one is brown
ithere are iithese are pink
we can see whenone is bluethen they blinkthen theres more
it winksand theres four
there are eyes
switching oneverywhere
as we stareevery hue
some are goldcan be seen
some are pinksome are green
some are redsome encircle the head
every eye is aglow
now we feel the beat grow

and so we move towards the lake
where lunar light illuminates
where water pure invites us in
to bathe below and shed our skin
when nature underneath will show
what nurture does not want to know
that writhing deep inside each hide
the bugs and worms and mites reside

and some of us emerge with wings   and some of us emerge with stings   and some of us emerge with scales   and some of us have lizard tails   and some of us have larger lips   and some of us have rounder hips   and some of us reveal our breasts   and some of us have stronger chests   and all of us feel free to bare   to stick out tongues and let down hair   to seek a kiss or slap a cheek   to stroke a cock or love the freak   to wink and blink and twist and twirl   to tease and please and spin and swirl   to spank and wank and move and prance   to suck and fuck and groove and dance
till lights on
when we sleepwhile we wait
on the grassfor a free


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