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A girl stands artfully on high wooden clogs, back to the camera, looking over her shoulder; swathes of fine fabric are draped around her in a manner both restrictive and flowing; a length of hand-painted silk is wrapped around her waist and ornately secured at her back; her face is a white mask, red lips, black brows; her dark hair is swept up, pinned with a paintbrush and cascades of jade.

A man sits legs apart, long wide trousers hide his feet; lengths of embroidered material hang from his arms, expertly displayed by hands placed firmly on knees; a sleeveless jacket with exaggerated shoulders enhances his warrior stance; two swords, one long, one short, are thrust through a sash round his middle; his sleek black hair is tied in a knot at his crown.


The Pen & The Sword

a genuine Japanese experience

in association with

the Japanese sphere group

(18th century focus)


South Oval


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